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The Real Alaska Daily

Fairbanks, AK with Journalist Hank Nuwer & Gosia Nuwer
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The Last Frontier's New Cheechako

The (mis)adventures of Hank & Gosia Nuwer in Fairbanks, AK

Be Jealous, Hilary Swank/Eileen Fitzgerald .) Our AK Stories 

You never forget your first dog

My personality was formed by two different worlds I inhabited before I was 20 when I set out to earn a living as a writer and professor. I lived then in tough Buffalo, New York, neighborhoods during the week and on my two grandparents’ bucolic farms on weekends and...

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A liife changing visit

All -- This is a remembrance of my visit to a leper colony.  It may change your thinking on leprosy. It changed mine.     By Hank Nuwer Some of my best feature stories never appeared in print. That’s because the era from 1976 to 1992 — when I wrote every...

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Death of a Fairy-Tale Ending

Sunday, March 5, 2023 Good day, Reader:  I was thinking of adding one of the strangest and saddest columns I ever penned.  So here it is. I won't say, "Enjoy!" But maybe you'll learn something about groupthink with this tale from the past in Union City, Indiana. As a...

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