Well, I am thrilled to share with you that I auditioned for the spring 2024 original play by UAF Professor Kaveline Torres. I tried out for two parts in the play: Fat Cat (with a Scottish accent) and The Professor (who is something of a scalawag and ladies man). Hurrah, I got the Professor part after reading with the female lead Ditter Tritt whose awesome acting talent was apparent. Also in the cast is the amazing actress Flyn Ludington who lit up the stage playing the Nurse in our Summer 2023 prouction of Romeo and Juliet. The first reading is Saturday, December 9th in the Green Room at the UAF music and theater building. I was so dazzled by the stage, lighting, and facilities at UAF for performances.

Ditter Tritt:  Cora Alice Jane
Charlotte Gray:  Jules Smith
Hannah Greene: Sweety
Hank Nuwer: The Professor
Tim Ott: Fat Cat
Virginia Parr: Johnny
Deyanira Van Acker: Officer Ramsey Dey
Ariella Derrickson: Edward Jimmie
Vengre Pasilan: Co-ed
Jacob Lawrence: Young Man
Jessica Wohlwend: Nathaniel
Nora McIntyre: Tok Smith
Flyn Ludington: Cowboy
I’m so excited to work with Kavelina, the talented Carrie Baker, By, Flyn, Ditter and the directors and rest of cast.
After the show, I grab a quick bite and run to pick up Gosia for our Saturday FDA performance of Miracle on 34th Street.  If you read this column and coe to the show, come say hi in the cast greeting line after the show. Have a great Wednesday!  –Hank Nuwer