Larry Lowery

Sophisticated visitors to Fairbanks may appreciate a relative newcomer named the Library Bar and Bites at 603 Lacey street.

Founder and co-owner Larry Lowery prides himself on the design of the interior and likes showing a video of the bleak, empty premises before his creative designer skills reinvented the surroundings top to bottom.

As the bar’s name implies, its ambiance proclaims an intellectual atmosphere.

Patrons entering the front door find shelves of books that Lowery purchased from a late professor’s estate.

On the wall are large abstract art paintings created by local realtor and artist Robert Fox, Jr.

Lowery himself created the drink menu and daily food entrees. The drinks all carry witty names and many of them allude to literary works and songs.

Patrons Rod and Cheryl Bond from Austin, Texas, for example, were enjoying a vodka treat named “A Boy Named Sue.”

Many customers walk over to the nightspot from the Westmark and other hotels. “Our bar is really popular with flight crew,” Lowery said.

Unlike many bars, Library patrons clean up nicely and many go the extra mile to dress stylishly.

In addition to a regular menu, Lowery types the daily menu specials on pieces of paper resembling library cards. He calls them “Short Stories.”

“We use only fresh local produce,” Lowery said. “And we create our own syrups for our mixed drinks.

Although Lowery was a big part of the Library’s creation some four years ago when the building was renovated, he only gained owner status last January. He said he is thankful to FDNM readers for rating his nightspot so highly, and to the community at large that demonstrated loyalty during the dark days of the pandemic and immediately after.

I’m so grateful to Fairbanks for continuing to support us,” Lowery said.

The Library Bar & Bites is located on 603 Lacey Street, in downtown Fairbanks.