We’re headed to our new cabin in Fairbanks.

Hello, hello. Gosia and I are safe and warm in a Beloit motel.  Both our van and Jeep are tied to the hitching posts outside.  Our trip had a rocky start.  We forgot the chains in case of snow trouble, and Gosia went back to Union City to fetch them while I nursed a diet Coke in Winchester, IN to wait for her.  I also went to a nearby auto supply store and bought windshield defreezer and some roadside flares. The clerk served in Alaska and told me about a ritual the Army had of throwing a fishing party for departing soldiers. The clerk didn’t catch anything of size but his buddy worked for hours to reel in a 270-pound flounder, he said. Early to bed and up at 6 a.m tomorrow for breakfast and a fast start to our day.