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December 31, 2022

Bags are packed for tomorrow’s flight back to the Dayton airport. We leave for Alaska January 3, 2023. Happy New Year!

Greetings from New Hampshire and our last day at the cabin in the hills of New Ipswich. Big thanks to cabin hosts John and Colleen. Thanks also to Ben and Eric at Rainstorm for building this blog.

Yesterday was so funny.  We were excited to read the web page description of the Federal Hatchery in Nashua, NH. So we took an hour’s drive out there in anticipation of a guided tour and a view of giant hatchery fish.  We arrived and were the only car in the parking lot. There was nothing to see except two peeled-back places on the protective cover over the tanks. Hordes of small fish swam in the murky water, but my wife Gosia and I could not tell if they were shad or Atlantic salmon. A skinny man with a wiry beard wearing a jacket with a U.S. Fish and Wildlife patch came out to talk to us–not to greet us.

“Good morning, we’re here to see the fish display,” I said.

“You’ve seen it,” he said.

“We’ve seen it?” said Gosia.

“That’s all there is?” I said.

“Yup,” he said and walked away. 

Gosia took a few pictures and we went to a Denny’s restaurant nearby to order salmon.  It was delicious, but the only real salmon we got to see in Nashua. LOL

We drove an hour just to see this. So much for the guided tours promised on the Federal Hatchery website. LOL

The only thing to see at the National Fish Hatchery is behind this curtain. Yep, that’s all there was.


New Hampshire has moose warning signs all over. We finally spotted one!

Sign at the entrance to the Nashua National Fish Hatchery

Gosia purchased some great clothes for Alaska at L.L. Bean. Unfortunately, I walked away with one pair of socks.