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A Cheechako in the Last Frontier

The (mis)adventures of Hank & Gosia Nuwer in Fairbanks:

Award-winning columns from Ohio & Indiana & Alaska

Golden Heart Tales 

Leszek Nazieme: Rolling on the Yukon River

An adventurer from Poland came to Alaska to complete his latest swimming challenge. Leszek Nazieme swam the Yukon River from Eagle to Circle, completing the 158-mile swim in 4½ days. Nazieme said his inspiration for his adventures came years ago on a stay in the Czech...

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Beer and salmon: A Perfect Pairing

Have you heard about the salmon scientific experiment underway in Oregon? Hakai magazine reports that field researchers may have found a way to persuade hatchery fish to swim upstream back to their hatchery home the way wild young salmon do. Now, as a cheechako to...

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Sweet Bull of Youth

The celebration of the Golden Days Rodeo, the northernmost rodeo in America, takes me back to 2004 and my own rodeo adventure. After my marriage of two decades blew up, I chucked my living room furniture and put in a gym complete with metallic torture contraptions and...

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