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The Real Alaska Daily

Fairbanks, AK with Journalist Hank Nuwer & Gosia Nuwer
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The Last Frontier's New Cheechako

The (mis)adventures of Hank & Gosia Nuwer in Fairbanks, AK

Be Jealous, Hilary Swank/Eileen Fitzgerald .) Our AK Stories 

Three Old Guys Get Their Snowmachine Motors Running

Three self-described “Old Guys” who share a passion for snowmachines are nearing the end of a month-plus-long quest to motor from Grand Rapids, Minnesota to visit the Golden City between April 3 and 5. That puts the trio a few days behind the original scheduled April...

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Depending on the kindness of strangers

Good samaritan Jim Burton saved Gosia Nuwer’s bacon. Hank Nuwer/News-Miner "Hank, we have a problem,” my wife Gosia said from the open window of her Jeep. We were just 10 feet into Alaska after a 3,500-mile drive. The temperature was 11 below zero. Five minutes...

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A day of days: My wife Gosia became a USA citizen

You probably imagined I'd cry tears of joy, and I did. Eight years from application to citizenship for my bride.  We are so proud of being American and no less proud of our roots in Poland.  Just take a bow, Gosia.  You took the oath today, and America has one more...

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Clipped again!

Golden Heart Tales Today was the fourth haircut since my arrival in Fairbanks mid-January. Gosia cut me first. The second was horrible. The male barber snipped and snipped, but little came off. The last two times have bee on Sixth Street downtown. A handsome, grey...

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Confessions of a mailbox stealer

Today I put back the mailbox I stole. Well, of course, I didn't really steal it. What happened is that I thought a rural mailbox on the left side of my driveway was mine.  In fact, it was the mailbox on the right side of the driveway was mine. It hardly mattered...

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John Carlson: One of a kinder

Farewell to the best of us journos. By Hank Nuwer John Carlson started as a copyboy in the 70s at Muncie’s evening paper. Years later, gruff World War II veterans like Dick Stodghill asked him to bring over a coffee. But jokes aside, at a newspaper with many good...

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