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The Last Frontier's New Cheechako

The adventures of journalist Hank Nuwer in Fairbanks, AK

Recent Adventures

Snug as a bug in cabin

Gosia unloaded the last of the boxes and supplies today that we carted to Alaska from Indiana. Now her bags are packed for a 12:30 a.m. boarding for American Airlines Fairbanks to Seattle to Indianapolis.  Our friend and former colleague Ray will give her a ride to...

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Shopping at Fred’s

  Gosia and I bopped into the Fred Meyer store yesterday for supplies. On sale, a gallon of milk was $1.17 for one percent. Others were more expensive but still comparable to Indiana and Ohio prices. Eggs also were comparable. All meats were far pricier, however,...

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Arrived in Fairbanks!

Gosia and I reached Fairbanks last night. We stayed at a temporary flat.  It’s BIG and well-appointed. I needed a road map last night to locate the bathroom. We hope to get the keys to the cabin as soon as the paper opens this morning.  We rented a garage with the...

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Today’s “Mooseletter”

The views yesterday were incredible. Each turn of the Alaska Highway brought a new peak. Traffic was sparse. Since leaving U.S. Customs, Gosia and I have yet to read a single state license plate from the U.S. The grand views are even worth the now-busted windshield on...

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Living on a Prayer

“I'm goin’ down, down, down, down,” I crowed out of tune along with the radio. I steered the Chevy van from the Alberta highlands near Bezanon toward the stark and rugged terrain of Grande Prairie. Bruce Springsteen’s lament about his bored lover was appropriate...

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Vehicle trouble times two

  Friday, June 6, started off with double scares. The Jeep Renegade tire pressure was a dozen pounds less than Jeep recommended. The automatic door on the Chevy Uplander failed to close fully after loading. Improbable as it seems, the Jeep and Chevy dealerships...

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